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  1. Plural of return
  2. Merchandise returned to a retailer or wholesaler by a purchaser.


  1. third-person singular of return


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Returns may refer to:
  • Nostoi ("Returns"), a lost ancient Greek epic
  • Election returns, denoting the resulting tallies of election ballots
In economic, financial, and marketing affairs:
  • Return (finance), referring to the benefit derived from an investment
  • Return (economics), the benefit distributed to the owner of a factor of production.
  • Abnormal returns, denoting the difference in behaviour between one stock and the overall stockmarket
  • Diminishing returns , referring to a decrease of efficiency with scaling
  • Return on investment (ROI), a calculation used to decide on the wisdom of an investment
  • Taxes, where tax returns are forms submitted to taxation authorities

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account, account rendered, accounting, acta, agenda, annual, avails, beadroll, box office, brief, bulletin, cadastre, calendar, capital gains, census, census report, checklist, checkroll, cleanup, clear profit, commissions, count, credit, credits, disposable income, dividend, dividends, docket, dramatis personae, earned income, earnings, election returns, filthy lucre, gain, gains, gate, gate receipts, get, gettings, gleanings, gross, gross income, gross profit, gross receipts, head count, hoard, honor roll, income, intake, interest, jury list, jury panel, killing, landslide, lineup, lucre, make, makings, minutes, muster, muster roll, neat profit, net, net income, net profit, net receipts, nose count, official count, order of business, output, paper profits, pelf, percentage, perk, perks, perquisite, pickings, poll, proceedings, proceeds, produce, profit, profits, program, property roll, questionnaire, rake-off, receipt, receipts, receivables, recount, report, return, revenue, roll, roll call, roster, rota, royalties, scroll, statement, store, take, take-in, takings, tally, tax roll, the record, tidal wave, transactions, unearned income, wealth, winnings, yearbook, yield
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